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At the end of the twentieth Century, the rapid development of the Internet, people in the Internet of information on the road to explore more and more mature, such as e-mail instant can reach any corner of the earth, beautiful scenery photos can also be shared for a second to the world. The development of Internet has been changing people's way of life profoundly.
With the continuous development of society and the continuous progress of technology, the Internet era has now brought about a new era, block chain era. The emerging technology of the block chain has come to the forefront of the historical stage, allowing any Bitcoin asset transaction in the world to be successfully identified in a short period of time. This is not only the interconnection of information, but also the realization of the interconnection of value, which makes more and more people pay attention to the block chain technology, understand its principles and apply practice. Some people even say that the block chain is the second era of the Internet, and its value is ten times that of the Internet.

What is a block chain:

The combination of the chain type or the DAG form data storage structure, the matching consensus algorithm, the P2P distributed interconnection technology, the game theory design idea and the cryptography technology are called block chain technology.
In recent years, the block chain technology has been widely studied and innovating. Two of the most influential chains are the bitcoin and the ether Fang. Their common feature is that any person can participate in the open sharing book system in the form of anonymity.

Block chain (Blockchain) stems from two landmark events:

1) a paper published by Satoshi Nakamoto in November 2008, "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System", translated as "bitcoin: a point to point electronic cash system";
2) in January 3, 2009, Zhong Ben Cong announced the first block of bitcoin system — — genesis block, the world's first block chain data was born. Then, in 2013, programmer Vitalik Buterin was inspired by bitcoin and put forward the concept of Ethereum, and founded the foundation in 2014. Up to now, bitcoin and Ethernet have become the largest block chain projects on the Internet. Block chaining technology has also been gradually applied to various fields.

The current situation of block chain at home and abroad:

In the world, more than 24 countries have invested block chain technology in more than 24 countries. 80% of the banks have started block chain projects, and more than 90 central banks have joined the block chain discussion, and hundreds of companies have joined the block chain alliance. Over the past three years, the venture capital of block chain has exceeded US $1 billion 400 million, resulting in 2500+ related block chain related patents.
In China, at the end of 2016, &ldquo, block chain &rdquo, was first written to “ 13th Five-Year ” national informatization planning, China has 105 block chain related enterprises. In June 2017, the central bank will actively promote block chain and artificial intelligence in the &ldquo of China financial industry information technology, 13th Five-Year ” development plan. It can wait for the development of new technology.

Why do you fall to the ground in the game:

Block chain itself has wide application scenarios, but only the real industrial scene landing can reveal its intrinsic value. The game opens a door for the integration of block chain and industry.
Most of the game industry is purely digital and virtualized. The game world originally existed in the user community, virtual commodity trading, token settlement, and many elements of the block chain application coincide. The operation principle of block chain determines its community spontaneity and data can not be tampered with. The transaction information of block chain is asymmetric encryption, which ensures the accuracy and security of transaction information. In addition to guaranteeing the security of information, asymmetric encryption can also carry out authentication to ensure the accuracy of information.
BGT hopes to use the &ldquo in the block chain technology; open, fair and fair ” features, solve the unfair treatment of players in the traditional game setting, such as black box, dark change, and player's position, and so on. At the same time, use the game to popularize the concept of block chain, the player will be in the game props. In the transaction, we can understand the functions and mechanisms of block chain account book and intelligent contract.
The block chain will be a powerful engine that will benefit more people and will bring innovation to an unprecedented level, believing that the impact of the block chain will even exceed the influence of the Internet. The application scene and the development prospect of the block chain technology will have great positive significance to the entity and the virtual economy, and as the chain of music begins to lay out the new generation chain game industry in the world, it will be unique. The release of BGT is bound to receive worldwide attention. Will attract more and more individuals and projects to participate in the layout of the block chain game industry, and then lift block chain value revolution!
Music chain BGT aims to apply some of the mature block chain technology to the game field, to solve the problems of black box operation, dark change mechanism and player status in the world's many traditional game setting, and to create the world's largest centralization, &ldquo, and public through the ether Fang intelligent contract. The fair and fair ” the game environment. The "mine world strange money" is the first game based on the application of the intelligent contract technology based on the Ethernet chain, which is believed to be able to set off a wave of block chain games around the world.
The existing block chain games are mainly fed by feeding, lacking the entertainment and interaction of the traditional game concept, and the appearance of "mine world strange wealth" is to break the existing island chain game application of the island style abuse, with stronger interaction and value creativity.
We learned from the popular game of stealing vegetables in the past. Combined with the application of block chain technology, players can not only experience the fun of absenteeism in the game: miners are nurturance, growth type, and can be raised by feeding, nurturance, equipment and other ways to increase production daily and auction through the platform auction: you can also be a miner at the end of the mining. After the beam, clicks and rob the mine friend's slag 1/1000 today, the first one gets 1/2 of the slag, and the remaining 1/2 is divided by second third.